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Bones – DontLookDown

VVS overbite, I roll the dice
Thinking about a corporate life, froze like the coldest night
Looking out of the world from a ledge hoping like
Maybe if I smoke myself to death, I won’t be so precise, so pristine
Used to paying for a open mic
Bones killed the microphone, you, you just hold the mic
Pimp like Dolemite, high like dragonite
Me against the world, results that show they ain’t half as nice
A creature of habit, you keep on the Pateks
I don’t need a clock to tell me when to bring you the static
I’ma pressed juice addict, got the jars in the attic
Don’t act like you get down when you ain’t even heard of Cracker
I hope you got a backup, plan b or something
‘Cause when I go and get to bussin’
You’ll be gone somewhere recovering
Too cash, I’m hovering
Women they be loving it
TeamSESH stamped in their brain, steady buffering
What, Bones, Sesh, Dead-Boy, what

The thing that hurts the most, I know when I’m too stubborn
To even see your son, cause I don’t want to see his mother
Thinking about what she did to you, I’m filled with hate
Wish that I could take away your pain but it’s too late
Now I only see your face in the dreams that I have
Every night I go to sleep, I hope it happens again
It’s funny ’cause you were 20, I pictured you as a kid
Around the time we first met, it was like seven or six
Made me cry like a bitch, even writing this shit
Didn’t even know you did drugs, maybe you were embarrassed by it
Or maybe the distance between us physically kept me out of it
But it kills me to know it took other people to even hear about it
I know, you didn’t mean for this to happen
Yeah I know, all you wanted to be was happy
Yeah I know, you didn’t mean for this to happen
Yeah I know, all you wanted to be was happy, what

Bones – DontLookDown

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