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Bones & Dylan Ross – LikeITaughtYou

I’ve crossed the T’s
And I dot the I’s
I’ve lost my mind
And I’ve crossed the line
Now everything I do
Revolves around you
Way your life reflects back in my eyes
I would never not feel that
I know I’ve done things I can’t take back
I hope you know that I’ve never grown cold
Even that moment you took off your clothes
The look on your face and I know that you know
Stay here beside me
You couldn’t do a single thing to surprise me
With me
or by me
Crawling all over your body just like ivy
I can feel you in the Forrest
I can feel you in the trees
I can feel you in the breeze
I can feel you when I breath
I am sinking oh so deep
I can not think
I can not sleep

All I think about is you and how you are not here with me
The rain is coming down and caving in my house of leaves
I might tell you how you how i feel just when you are about to leave
The way I feel about you
I don’t think you could perceive
How I love you like a lover with no love inside of me
I don’t think I’ll ever really get the way it goes and all I know is what I want and what I need and what I should
And make you see that I am open but I’m open to the golden skies
Above and hoping serendipity drown in the ocean
If I had anything about you other than a premonition then I would let it lead me to my death or another decision
Wishing that I had you right next to me with the passion crawling all over you like the ivy growing on the mansion

Bones & Dylan Ross – LikeITaughtYou

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