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$uicideboy$ – Live Fast Die Whenever

Tracklista tekstów: Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones Sour Grapes DON’T TRUST ANYONE! Individuality Was So Last Year Aliens Are Ghosts nothingleftnothingleft


$UICIDEBOY$ – Radical $uicide

Epka została wydana 22 lipca 2016 roku, przy w współpracy z Getter’em. Gatunkowo jest to połączenie trapu z southern hip hop, cloud rapem, memphis rapem, wraz z elementami horrorcore’u i trap metalu. Tracklista utworów:...

suicide boys - NOW THE MOON'S RISING 0


1. Paris  2. Converting… 3. Low Key 4. Gutting Catfish 5. I Think I’m Ian Read 6. Evolution (I Love That Movie) 7. Underwater Malibu 8. Dejection 9. To Have and Have Not 10....

suicide boys - NOW THE MOON'S RISING 0


Ayy, ayy, ayy, tell me what you know ‘Bout a motherfucker out the bottom, with a gold grill gleamin’ Makin’ all these hoes problems Stalker, creepin’ out the fuckin’ dungeon Switchblade on ’em, hit...

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$uicideboy$ – Now I’m Up to My Neck with Offers

Ate a couple jiggas with that Glock on my side Riding, hanging out the window, screaming “Who wanna die?” Savage lil addict with 100 bad habits Say “I need prayer,” all I need is...

$uicideboy$ - KILL YOURSELF PART XX: The Infinity Saga 0

$uicideboy$ – For The Last Time

Stay in the cut on the Northside Hollowpoints, trigger fingers On my fucking .45 Demons rising out the crypt I snort me a fat line Never gave a fuck Grew up out the mud...