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$uicideboy$ – Live Fast Die Whenever

Tracklista tekstów: Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones Sour Grapes DON’T TRUST ANYONE! Individuality Was So Last Year Aliens Are Ghosts nothingleftnothingleft


$UICIDEBOY$ – Radical $uicide

Epka została wydana 22 lipca 2016 roku, przy w współpracy z Getter’em. Gatunkowo jest to połączenie trapu z southern hip hop, cloud rapem, memphis rapem, wraz z elementami horrorcore’u i trap metalu. Tracklista utworów:...

suicide boys - NOW THE MOON'S RISING 0


1. Paris  2. Converting… 3. Low Key 4. Gutting Catfish 5. I Think I’m Ian Read 6. Evolution (I Love That Movie) 7. Underwater Malibu 8. Dejection 9. To Have and Have Not 10....



Ayy, ayy, ayy, tell me what you know ‘Bout a motherfucker out the bottom, with a gold grill gleamin’ Makin’ all these hoes problems Stalker, creepin’ out the fuckin’ dungeon Switchblade on ’em, hit...

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$uicideboy$ – Now I’m Up to My Neck with Offers

Ate a couple jiggas with that Glock on my side Riding, hanging out the window, screaming “Who wanna die?” Savage lil addict with 100 bad habits Say “I need prayer,” all I need is...

$uicideboy$ – I Hung Myself for a Persona 0

$uicideboy$ – I Hung Myself for a Persona

I been itching for a plot, yeah But ain’t no waving cannons on my block, no 7th Ward Lord take a shot, yeah I’ma keep my head down (I don’t give a fuck) Switching...

$uicideboy$ – For The Last Time 1

$uicideboy$ – For The Last Time

Stay in the cut on the Northside Hollowpoints, trigger fingers On my fucking .45 Demons rising out the crypt I snort me a fat line Never gave a fuck Grew up out the mud...