$UICIDEBOY$ – 10,000 Degrees

Gold on my big nine, now I’m finna shoot to kill
If you bustas slippin’ [?] I’m finna do the deal

(Aye, aye, Ruby, you got it?)

Straight out of hell
Ring the bells
Plague is here to stay
Follow me in your grave
Ain’t got no protection ’cause I’ve been since the end of fucking times
My kingdom come, thy will be done, and still you’re wondering who am I?
I am the devil’s son born and raised
Fictitious $uicide googly eyes tell me more, okay?
Praise the fuckin’ devil god can suck my dick, I scorch the veins
Making mountains crumble glaciers meltin’, oceans swellin’
I’m the lord of the plagues
Gold on my bi–
Wait a fucking minute – I got more to say
Threatenin’ swordplay, still the same name
‘Cause the chip on my soul bleeds [?]
Lil Plague make a forte, sitck it with the gourmet
Hot and [?]
For war, we pray
Fate is cold and no way I get through the door frame

For war, we pray
7th Ward, the Grave
For war, we pray
7th Ward, the Grave
For war, we pray
7th Ward, the Grave
For war, we pray

Death is inevitable
The fucking $carecrow
Walking on his tip-toes
While your blood stay, we’ll flow
You know, mister typical
Hearing the fucking voices through my window
(Begging to be dead!)
But no worries, just like Chuckie
Cutthroat got the blade and a knife
Made that rise for the Yung Christ, never even died
My father just forsaken, I
I’m still $uicide until I die
It’s an eye for an eye
Speaking of eye, I (someone help me out)
See the reaper having a busy season
Won’t even let me rest while I’m sleepin’
It’s getting harder to watch from the bleachers
The father of evil, like Knievel Ruby and I stay jumping over people (Mafia)
Xanax evil
Close to lethal
Cigarette breathing junkie, used to needles
So I threw ra-pa-pac up (pow! pow! pow! pow!)
Load a nine up, my time’s up, yeah (yeah, yeah)

Grew up a fuck up
Load a nine up (fuck all this shit)
My time’s up, fuck

$UICIDEBOY$ – 10,000 Degrees

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