$uicideboy$ – Fuck The Industry

Back from the dead like I’m Jesus
Skip to the next track if you think that we are facetious
Ruby da Cherry ripe for the season
$uicideboy$, yeah, we still breathin’ (ahh!)

I’m the black sheep of this music industry shit
Used to be a flock of us but now the flocks depleting
7th Ward Charizard, I melt the ice you claim is freezing
‘Cause I was born in April, I’m the shiny diamond, Eden
Y’all fuckboys who claimed they push keys or delete it?
And fuckboys who claimed they got swag or competing?
But the same Gucci sweater that I been had the receipt, bitch
I’m the fucking wave, y’all just stuck in a bed, in a room
On a cruise, throwing up ’cause you seasick
While your bitch is cheating on you
I’m the one who beatin’
I’m just sayin’, y’all think that I’m playin’, but I ain’t got a reason to
98′ Benz coupe looking like Pikachu
99′ Benz coupe looking like Beetlejuice
Who gives a fuck? I still feel like a teen recluse
‘Bout to give these needles use
Numb me up, uh
Numb me up, yeah
Numb me up, aye
Numb me up, yeah
Numb me up, aye
Numb me up, yeah
Numb me up, aye

We’re just gonna wait here for a little while until things quiet down if you don’t mind?

Hear no evil (evil)
See no evil (evil)
Speak no evil (right)
Find myself speaking to ghost up in my [?] (yeah)
Devil’s died too, Lucifer bound for the ground (pussy)
Get some money, watch a man ask “you reachin’ now?” (shut up, what?)
Lit up my cigarette, another accident (yeah)
Fuck anybody that thinks I’m a saint
Fuck anybody that want me to change (what)
No one changes ever
That’s why my Glock’s on the dresser
If I’m keepin’ it real
I’m never ever lacking (try me)
Motherfuckers know $lick
Ain’t never ever slackin’ (try me)
Whether shackles or the nine millimeter
They be know it, $crimmy keepin’ the heater
Nonetheless, got my people up my ass
Worried I’ma blow my brains on the glass
I smoke a cigarette and laugh
Kettles call the pots black (haha!)
‘Cause sometimes I get violent, silent (shh)
The fuck I’m supposed to do?
But Cut Throat always the problem
That’s why Cut Throat cuts throats with the sharp blade though
Got my Faygo on Easter signed Germ, said ball like the Lakers
DN$ 3, pipe up, what they be
They know they scared of it
$uicide dead boys
Keep it dry with me, G*59, don’t give a fuck, boy
I don’t give a fuck, boy, don’t give a fuck, boy (yeah)
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (right)
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (yeah)
Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, bitch

We are gathered here today to remember the lives of Ruby and $crim, also known to many as the $UICIDEBOY$. What they gave to this world while they were here, was unexplainable. You know, we’re all here, maybe… Today we can share some memories, walk around, my name is Ricky Kekney. Hey, I’m Ricky, if you don’t know me you can come up to me, don’t feel uncomfortable. I, I know… I know I give off a stand-offish vibe… I don’t feel uncomfortable. We’ll talk, come up to me, we’ll talk about the boys, we’ll celebrate today. Today is about celebrating the lives of two legends. Before we start sharing stories, I would like everybody to bow their head for ten seconds, in remembrance

$uicideboy$ – Fuck The Industry

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