suicide boys - NOW THE MOON'S RISING


It’s the grey player
I’m a dame slayer
Playing games hoes peelin off my layers
Fuck a hater imma blame it on the Navigator
Never getting paper
But I got a pair of boots that was made from alligator
Fuck boy see you later keep your mouth shut
I don’t fuck with traitors, gotta make a dent
In this world gotta find the flavor
Cherry marmalade bitch I spread it on my bread like a baker
Bitch I’m fuckin sunk like an anchor
Let me sink down I don’t need a life saver
Bitch I made a fucking promise with the Devil that I’d trade my fucking soul so I settle with the motherfucking razor

Walk into the mind of a $uicide God
Chalk drawn lines with a body inside
Ride with the blade or the Mac or the Gauge
Lil Gage in the back make the blunts rotate
No fucking role model I die before 40
Got Xans on me now I pop more in the morning
Bitches be snapping they tits but it’s boring

Rather the Hydrocodeine when I’m pouring
That codeine too weak for a fiend with a tolerance
Strip her down fuck her once then gonna rob a bitch
Grey in my eyes and my heart don’t feel nothing
My fucking drug use never up for discussion
Forever ever pour that yellow yellow
Tombstone header reading Triple 6 and that’s forever ever


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