$uicideboy$ – I Hung Myself for a Persona

I been itching for a plot, yeah
But ain’t no waving cannons on my block, no
7th Ward Lord take a shot, yeah
I’ma keep my head down (I don’t give a fuck)
Switching scripts, they’re never in the same spot, yeah
Fuck this music shit, I’m itching for a plot, yeah
Ain’t no- ain’t no fucking digits on my clock, no
I ain’t one of y’all just let me rot, yeah
I was just with Peep in London
Still feel like I don’t exist at all, no
Fuck this social gathering
I’ma smoke a square out in the fucking hall, oh
They told me watch out for the snakes
But they forgot about the plague
And the AK and with Lil Remains
And the AK and what little Remains
Hold up hold up hold up
Had to put down the narcotics
But I ain’t really stop it
Xanny and Suboxone
Stay up in my wallet
On the block catch the Glock
Shoes hanging like a chord
Not a tour
7th war
Hot boys
Prime time
Dotted line never signed
On the drugs can’t doze
If I do be exposed
Oh no
Chopper city
Dead bodies
Did the crime not the time
Lil’ jitts on the porch gripping 9’s, gripping 9’s
Pull that torch
Light em up
Young as 12
Living hell
Lil’ remains
Yung plague
No respect given unless you steal or you take hoe
$uicideboy$ – I Hung Myself for a Persona

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