$uicideboy$ – Kamehameha (kamikaze remix)

Shoutout to my haters y’all my biggest motivation
Cause I’m a G5 and the 9 on safety

Bet you didn’t know that I hate myself the most
$uicide I boast
All of my fans are ghosts
Haunting the shores of the dirty coast
Watch me wash ashore and hang myself up on a post
That’s just how it goes when you’re a $uicideboy
Wearing mostly black clothes
Got a stack of hoes in the back that I gave a black rose
AKA the kiss of death, bitch
Like a pimp covered in mold print
Walking with a limp because my leg is starting to decompose
Oh no

Pass me a loaded gun
I’m trying to spill my brains out
Living life just ain’t no fun
Pray to Satan to come and save me now
We had a deal
I sold my soul to fuck the world and ride on platinum wheels
I’m that delusional schitzophrenic
Trying to figure out who I am so this may take a minute
Cock that 45, aim it at your skull
Snatch your blood, dropping you busters till your life is null
Creeping on another level, come and meet the devil
Suicidal ghost, scarecrow off his post

$uicideboy$ – Kamehameha (kamikaze remix)

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