$uicideboy$ – Limp Wri$t

Close your eyes and count to seven, when you wake you’ll be in heaven

Jack be nimble get jacked so quick
Jack with a Jason mask on that bitch
Terrifying these niggas souls
666 we like that shit

666 we like that shit
Roll that bud and light that spliff
Cock it back one time, I bust
Fuck all these bitches, no hoes I trust
Bitch, I got that devil in me
Murderous, I like them semi’s
Heard of us we smoke like chimneys
Sipping codeine, ain’t got no kidneys
Running this shit with some blood on my feet
Suicide bitch, ain’t no ho up in me
Step on my scene I’ma put you to sleep
They treat me like Jesus, they bow down to me
It’s that phonky flowing, mystic blowing
Junkie, selling, robbing, killing
Bodies stacking to the fucking ceiling
Weapon on me, ain’t no concealing

Pulling a name out the flame
Call me Yung Plague
Slitting my wrist with a blade
I’m insane
Murder my style
You don’t like it?
Too bad because I’m killing myself anyway
Got that rope around my neck now I’m ready to hang
Keep on holding that tech
I”m that target to spray
Got an ocean of roaches and locusts approaching
I’m hoping they don’t think I’m Moses
I’m sending them all to their graves
Slitting 666 in my limp wrist, bitch
Slitting 666 in my limp wrist, bitch
Slitting 666 in my limp wrist, bitch
Slitting 666 in my limp wrist, bitch

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