$uicideboy$ – My Closet Is A Graveyard

Gravity’s a bitch I’m feeling heavy
Probably from all these pills in my belly
Whipping the Chevy I’m gripping the machete
Palm never sweaty
Bust yo head up open and blood is spilling like a confetti
Bitch I’m ducking low hoping that death is mothafuckin’ ready
He been stalking he been watching Cherry
Tried to turn my into jelly
Palm full of plenty pennies
I’m invested in a cheap death
Skin is sweating peeping now my seat wet
As a I leak a weak breath
I’m a Shepard bitch and all my sheep dead

Just another nobody
Nobody body filled with oxy
Heron inside the foil
Five bags inside my pocket
Felonies felonies with your bitching eating Lebanese
I can see anything grab a tint and got me bending knees
Depressing I know I show it they love this so now I’m glowing
Pressing the fact that I’m loathing my whole life so I just folded
Heron the drill like Folgers
I’m just growing colder
Looking over my shoulder I know the reapers getting close

Tina, it was wrong of you to lock me up. I had to hurt myself to get out, but I forgive you darling. And I know you were here because I can smell your brains.
Geez! Now you made me hurt myself again! You made me break my hand completely off this time Tina! But I don’t care darling, because I love you

$uicideboy$ – My Closet Is A Graveyard

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