suicide boys prettyleaf GRAY/GREY gray grey


Emptiness has darkened my eyes

Got a bitch out the sewer
She does something to me
Everytime I look her in the eyes I start to feel shitty
Got a bitch in my Chevy
Met her on the levee
We was smoking and loc’n
Choking and loafin’
It’s that player from the fucking 5 0 4
White junkie piece of shit prolly fucking your hoe
Got my hand on the wheel
Codeine on my lips
Creeping in the cut
Other hand on a bitch
No money to count
Just heads to mount
Indo rolled up, put that ass to mouth
$uicidal dreams of dying with my team
Dope on the triple beam
Reaper blowing steam
Charged with possession
My life is depressing
That’s why I’m fucking all these bitches on the top of their dressers
Yung J-Will
Scripts stay filled
No reason to feel
Just reason to kill, hoe

I got my hand up the Mona Lisa’s skirt
Pussy wetter than when I was petting the Virgin Mary
They call it Jesus Christ’s birth
Smoking Frankincense and Myrrh
Catch a motherfucker ducking
Tuck him in the trunk and throw him in the motherfucking dirt
Riding with the spinners on the hearse
Swerving like I’m fucking hurt
Pull up to the scene and fucking lurk
Stoned to death then resurrected
Now I’m fucking burnt
All I need in this life I live is a rusty fucking blade so I can slice my wrists
I don’t need no bitch by my side I’d rather die in a ditch
Creeping on the other side
End up lighting a spliff

suicide boys prettyleaf GRAY/GREY gray grey

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