Nine on my side every time the wheels slide
Crucified with the mind of a parking lot God

Got it out the mud
Lungs start to flood
Middle finger to the judge
Fangs filled with suds
Crusing with Ruby down the block, cock that gun hammer
Young cracker, I’m a cancer, that keep getting badder
The God of Grey hanging’ from the state, floatin’ above the lake
Forbidden from heaven’s gates, ain’t my choice to make
Stuck with these devilish traits, b**h won’t f** I said it today
Take her back stage
Call Yung Plague
Told him to drag this b**h out of my face

b**h I don’t give a f**
Been a goat, I been a duck
f** a b**h cause sin and lust control my brain
Her lips are stuck to the duct tape now she don’t grin as much
b**h I trim and pluck
Overly potent the weed that I’m choking
I’m hoping my lungs are coated
They thin and bust
Exhale blood spilling on the kitchen linen
Listen to the devil whisper “k** her, and then claim she missing”
b**h is insane
I’m chomping on her brain
Let her veins drain
Bloody double cup
I’ll take another gulp

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